Welcome to Montoya Medicine. I'm JoAnna Montoya, and I created this blog to share a truly holistic, grounded, non-sensationalized approach to health and wellness. 

The thing is....there is so much sensationalism around health and wellness. I know how intimidating (and even scary) it can all be. This site is designed to share what I know in an easy, straightforward, and fun way.

Did I mention I LOVE food? I'm all about delicious (and healthy) food. Yes, food can be our greatest source of medicine, but what really excites me is the fact that you can eat food that tastes amaaaaazing and it can still be good for you. So, I will be sharing recipes with you as well. 

I've worked in holistic medicine for 13 years. I'm a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, and I've also been fortunate to have been educated in many healing modalities. I love to integrate these modalities to help my patients, family members, and myself. Now, I'm extremely excited to share what I know with you in hopes that you can learn ways to help yourself, your family, and your loved ones. 





Tips and education about health and wellness

Nutrition from Western and Eastern perspectives. Using food to heal your body. 

Delicious and healthy recipes 


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