Hi! My name is JoAnna Montoya. I love sharing health and wellness info with anyone who will listen. No, but really. My close friends, family members, and patients know this to be true.  I'm that girl who can talk your ear off about something like blood sugar levels if you are interested and need some help. Like...really talk you ear off. From acupuncture to lab panels to herbs, and all things healthy food-- you're getting it all if you ask for my help :-) A little weird? Perhaps. But this is my passion and if you are willing to listen. I'm willing to share. Did I mention I love food?? I really love the fact that food can be the best medicine out there, and that's why I love sharing recipes because eating healthy does not have to be boring *I pinky promise*

I've worked in holistic medicine for nearly 13 years, and I'm extremely passionate about finding the balance between Eastern and Western Medicine. I'm a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist and I own my own practice in West Los Angeles. Prior to opening my own business I worked in a holistic healthcare center for 8 years and also interned at UCLA medical center for a year as a pre-medical student. What does this all mean? It means that I have been exposed to SO many wonderful healing modalities that I can't wait  to share with you!

I TRULY believe there is a way to approach your health and not be (1) scared or (2) overwhelmed. I feel that education is power because making informed decisions about your health is what it's all about.  In this blog I will share what I know, and most importantly, what I've seen work to help myself, my family, and my own patients improve their health and wellness. 

Looking forward to sharing and connecting with you!